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Jamie-Lynn Sigler's  Wedding

Dore & Mick 
Stanley Cup Party for NJ Devils
Tim, Tony Danza, & Dore 
at Fundraiser
Dore, Al D'Amato, Lou & Tim 
at Fundraiser
Tim Tebow & Dore at Heisman Trophy Dinner
Ray Romano at IRTS Dinner
Hillary Clinton & Dore
Former Yankee David Wells Wedding 
Sinbad, Diana Ross 
Honoring Oprah at IRTS DInner​
​Mayor Bloomberg, Dore & Band at Fundraiser
​Jane Fonda & Dore
 at Fundraiser
​DJ Cousin Brucie & Band
Helen Hunt & Hank Azaria at
Actor Richard Kind's Weddding
Dore & Dominick Chianese 
at Jami-Lynn Sigler's Wedding
Video of ABC's 666 Fifth Avenue in which several of our band members appeared: Phil Butler, Tim Curtin, Dore DeQuattro, Ken Levinsky and Steve Williams.
Corporate Parties

Contact New York City Swing to book your personal and professional events. You and your guests can show off your moves and make it an event to remember with our own brand of award winning music and entertainment. From the classics to today’s top 40!

Email us your name, company, party date + time, venue and don't forget a contact phone number.
More events can be found on our Facebook page.
Emmett Scanlan & Claire Cooper
Hello Magazine
From time to time, New York City Swing performs in various venues that are open to the public. We'd love to see you at all of them!

Send your email to me at nycswing21@gmail to stay in touch and informed.